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Statement from the Artist


I have lived in the Southwest since 1956.  I have an especially deep connection to the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts. The diverse and unique plants and animals, the amazing rock formations, and, above all, the light---never fail to inspire me.  One can see for miles here.  The light is pure and intense.  I am always aware of the constant changes created by the arc of the sun coupled with the mood of the sky.   The mountains, like islands in the surrounding desert plains, are ever-changing in this play of light and shadow. 


My current work is an intimate exploration of the desert landscape and the interplay of color and light.  Although the landforms in my paintings are recognizable, I take liberties, because my personal experience of the desert is better expressed in a somewhat abstract rendering. 


For me painting is about the process--a kind of mystery that is eternally engaging. The high point in the studio, is when a paint stroke, a color choice or a line seems to pull a painting together.  


 Galleries & Affiliations


Central School Project  Bisbee, Arizona

Subway Gallery   Bisbee, Arizona


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